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Uploaded 06 Aug, 2022 in Movies > Blu-Ray
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  • MovieSerial (Bad) Weddings 3


Claude and Marie Verneuil will soon be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. For the occasion, their four daughters - Isabelle, Odile, Ségolène and Laure - decide to organize a big surprise party in their family home in Chinon. They also decide to invite, each, the parents of their respective husbands - Rachid Benassem, David Benichou, Chao Ling and Charles Koffi.


Hébergeur : Seedbox Langages: Français (VFF) Format: MKV @ High@L3.1 Vidéo: x264 / AVC Débit vidéo: 824 kb/s Format d'image: 1.85:1 Audio: AAC LC à [2.0] Débit audio: 129 kb/s

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