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Barefoot Gen [Optimum Releasing] [1xDVD9]

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Uploaded 15 Sep, 2021 by Hentai_god in Anime
6.8 GB
  • AnimeBarefoot gen
  • Japanese titlehadashi no gen
  • Release date21 Jun, 1983
  • Original start date21 Jul, 1983
  • Original end date14 Jun, 1986
  • Air date21 Jul, 1983
  • DirectorMori Masaki
  • StudioMadhouse
  • Episode2
  • Episode count1
  • Episode duration01:23:23


both hadashi no gen films


this is the best release of hadashi no gen from nyaa. I have posted it here because there are very few seeders, I am the only one as of this moment.

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