Windows PowerShell v2-v3-v4 Ultimate Training - CBT Nuggets - su

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Windows PowerShell v2-v3-v4 Ultimate Training

  • Windows PowerShell v2-v3-v4 Ultimate Training - CBT Nuggets - su6.2 GB
    • 70-From the Field Enhanced HTML Reporting.mp4172.2 MB
    • 63-Working with SQL Server (and other) Databases.mp4157.2 MB
    • 21-PowerShell Remoting Basics.mp4155.1 MB
    • 75-Desired State Configuration Configuration Scripts and Pull Servers.mp4136.9 MB
    • 73-Introduction to PowerShell Workflow.mp4126.1 MB
    • 13-How the PowerShell Pipeline Works.mp4126.0 MB
    • 60-Debugging Techniques.mp4123.5 MB
    • 26-Advanced Remoting Custom Session Configurations.mp4114.9 MB
    • 45-PowerShell Scripting Basic Functions Filters and Pipeline Functions.mp4106.0 MB
    • 61-Creating Custom Formatting Views.mp4105.3 MB
    • 24-Advanced Remoting Passing Data and Worki.mp4103.3 MB
    • 64-Working with XML Data Files.mp4101.8 MB
    • 38-Scheduled Background Jobs.mp495.3 MB
    • 31-WMI and CIM Using CIM Commands to Query Data.mp494.7 MB
    • 11-Understanding Objects in PowerShell.mp494.0 MB
    • 03-Finding and Discovering Commands.mp492.2 MB
    • 76-Desired State Configuration Writing Resources.mp491.2 MB
    • 12-Core Commands Selecting Sorting Measuring and More.mp490.5 MB
    • 30-WMI and CIM Using WMI to Commands Query Data.mp489.9 MB
    • 04-Interpreting Command Help.mp487.4 MB
    • 62-Creating Custom Type Extensions.mp487.1 MB
    • 05-Running Commands.mp487.0 MB
    • 40-PowerShell Script Security.mp485.5 MB
    • 43-PowerShell Scripting Logical Constructs.mp484.7 MB
    • 17-Setting Default Values for Command Parameters.mp484.3 MB
    • 55-LAB F Advanced Functions Review.mp483.7 MB
    • 58-Advanced Error Handling.mp481.5 MB
    • 23-Implicit Remoting Using Commands on Anot.mp480.4 MB
    • 90-Random Tips and Tricks.mp479.6 MB
    • 57-Adding Error Capturing and Handling to a Function.mp479.5 MB