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[Neopets] Collection of User Scripts (Clraik)

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Uploaded 13 Sep, 2021 by ClraikScript in Other > Other
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  • Name:Ā [Neopets] Collection of User Scripts (Clraik)


These are all the Neopets user scripts I use. To use, import the zip file as backup into Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey.


Altador Plot Auto-CompleteršŸ”¹Cellblock Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Cheat! Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Cliffhanger Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Coconut Shy Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Dailies Shortcut MenušŸ”¹Dice-A-Roo Auto PlayeršŸ”¹Double or Nothing Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Faerie Caverns Auto PlayeršŸ”¹Faerie Crossword Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Faerie Quest Shop Wizard BypasseršŸ”¹Faerieland Job Auto-CompleteršŸ”¹Food Club Auto-BetteršŸ”¹Go! Go! Go! Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Godori Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Gormball Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Grarrl Keno Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Grumpy/Wise Old King Auto-JokeršŸ”¹Kacheek Auto-SeekeršŸ”¹Kadoatie Auto-FeederšŸ”¹Kiko Pop Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Kiss the Morthog Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Lever of Doom Auto-PulleršŸ”¹Lottery Auto-PickeršŸ”¹Lunar Temple Auto-CompleteršŸ”¹Magma Time FinderšŸ”¹Money Tree Auto-GrabberšŸ”¹Multi-Quest Auto-CompleteršŸ”¹Multi-Wheel Auto-SpinneršŸ”¹Mysterious Negg Cave Auto-SolveršŸ”¹Neggsweeper Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Tarla's Non-Toolbar Treasures Auto-RefresheršŸ”¹NeoQuest II Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Pet Auto-TraineršŸ”¹Petpetpet Auto-AttacheršŸ”¹Pick Your Own Auto-PickeršŸ”¹Potato Counter SolveršŸ”¹Qasalan Expellibox Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Restock Helper (Auto-Haggle)šŸ”¹Rubbish Dump Auto-GrabberšŸ”¹Safety Deposit Box Auto-PriceršŸ”¹Sakhmet Solitaire Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Scamander Auto-GrabberšŸ”¹Scarab 21 Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Scorchy Slots Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Scratchcard Auto-Buyer and ScratcheršŸ”¹Sewage Surfer Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Shop Auto-Pricer (Shop Wizard and JellyNeo Item DB)šŸ”¹Snow Wars Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Symol Hole Auto-EntereršŸ”¹Test Your Strength Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Tyranu Evavu Auto-PlayeršŸ”¹Unlockable Auto-RefresheršŸ”¹Usershop Buying Auto-Confirm RemoveršŸ”¹Wishing Well Auto-FilleršŸ”¹and more! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A note about malicious js files: I completely understand the suspicion that many people have for downloading and implementing js files, as they have the potential to be harmful. That being said, I invite you to check the security of any of the scripts I upload by scanning them here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of these scripts are obfuscated due to the creators wanting to protect them from being copied/plagiarised. As such, I don't know the full extent of what they do. That being said, I have used them for months now and have not encountered any viruses/crypto mining/trickery (I use Panda Dome Antivirus, which frequently gives me false positives, and according to the program, my computer is clean).

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