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[Neopets] Multi-Wheel Auto-Spinner User Script (Clraik)

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Uploaded 14 Sep, 2021 by ClraikScript in Other > Other
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  • Name[Neopets] Multi-Wheel Auto-Spinner User Script (Clraik)


Automatically spins the wheels of Excitement, Extravagance, Knowledge, Mediocrity and Misfortune at that wheel's given interval. To use, import the zip file as backup into Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey.


Just leave the wheel page open, and the script will spin the wheel and then count down to the next available spin! Due to the beta, you'll need to append /x at the end of the URL for each wheel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A note about malicious js files: I completely understand the suspicion that many people have for downloading and implementing js files, as they have the potential to be harmful. That being said, I invite you to check the security of any of the scripts I upload by scanning them here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of these scripts are obfuscated due to the creators wanting to protect them from being copied/plagiarised. As such, I don't know the full extent of what they do. That being said, I have used them for months now and have not encountered any viruses/crypto mining/trickery (I use Panda Dome Antivirus, which frequently gives me false positives, and according to the program, my computer is clean).

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